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Academic reading

Three reading passages are provided to the candidates and these involve a number of task types. Here is the list of tasks that can be framed and asked in your exam.

  • Multiple choice
  • Identifying information
  • Recognizing the writer’s views
  • Match the information, headings, features, sentence endings etc
  • Completion of sentences, summary, notes, table, flow chart, diagram labelling etc.
  • Short - answer questions.

The passages are extracted from different types of sources keeping in mind that the applicants are applying for universities where their english communication should be up to a level that they can easily adopt and understand the culture around them. The passages are interesting, suitable and comprehensible to the candidates who intend to study abroad for an undergraduate or postgraduate course.

General Training Reading

General Training Reading consists of three sections. Unlike academic reading which contains three lengthy passages, General Training Reading is divided into three sections. In section one, two or three short paragraphs or various kinds of paragraphs can be asked. In section two, there are two paragraphs and in section 3, there is only one long paragraph.

Here is the list of tasks or topics which can be provided to you in the exam -

  • Multiple choice
  • Identifying information
  • Interpreting writer’s views/claims.
  • Matching information, headings, features, sentence endings, etc
  • Sentence, summary, note,table, flow- chart, and diagram label completion.
  • Short - answer questions.

Time limit - 60 minutes (for both Academic and General Training Reading)

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