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PTE Academic

PTE (Pearsons Test of English) is an international computer based test of English dialect. It quantifies your English capacity by testing your level of English through tasks which reflect real life settings. It is generally acknowledged by colleges, higher education institutions and government divisions around the globe. PTE has become one of the most favoured English test for students due to easier availability of dates and quick results.

Test consist of three primary parts -

  • Speaking and Writing.
  • Reading
  • Listening

The entire test is for three hours with an optional break of ten minutes

Our focus is to enable you to get ready for PTE first systematically giving the methods of attempting each question and then practicing through mock tests so that when you sit for your exam, you are already acquainted to the environment and pressure.

If you intend to study abroad then start preparing for this exam. For any queries about this exam you can visit our office at SCO-9, Vikas Vihar, Golden Overseas, Ambala.

Why PTE Academic

The most common question that looms over the mind of a student is that which test he or she should prefer, PTE OR IELTS? The majority of candidates who opt for PTE used to apply for Australia but time has changed now and PTE has become one of the most favored exam even in other countries and their institutes. Canadian, British and American embassies are also recognizing this test for study visa. So, please do away with the notion that PTE is only applicable to Australia. But, make sure you check the requirements given by the university to which you are applying.

Golden Overseas is continuously and aggressively making efforts to help our students to achieve the scores they need to get in the country of their dreams. PTE is different from IELTS in nature because computerized assessment makes it more transparent and convenient for the students taking the exam. Moreover, exam dates are readily available and the results are issued within 5 days.

Step to follow towards your dreams

  • Book your exam - For registration, visit
  • Prepare - Visit us and book your demo class today to know the difference we can make in you study pattern. Even if you decide not to visit us, do go through our guide below to prepare for this exam
  • Take test - If it goes well then nothing better than that but if it doesn’t, take your time to analyze what you need to improve on and maybe this time we can help you.
  • Apply for the university of your dreams once you have got the scores required by the university.
Parts Module Time Allocated Objective
Part I Speaking and Writing 77-93 minutes To assess speaking skills i.e ability to speak English in an academic environment. In writing section, you need to write responses in academic English using correct grammar and spelling.
Part II Reading 32- 41 minutes To assess your ability to read, write and listen to information provided in English.
Part III Listening 45 - 57 minutes. To assess your listening skills and ability to interpret meaning. For this audio clips will be provided to you.