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Study in Australia

Study in Australia

About Australia 

Australia is the third most popular and preferred destination of International students because of the Cultural Diversity, Friendly natives, and high quality of Education. Australian Universities offers a range of study options in Associate Degrees, Undergraduate Degrees, Postgraduate Degrees and PhD. The most preferred courses amongst Indian students are Business, Tourism, Hospitality Management, MBA, Accounting, Healthcare and IT.

Education System of Australia

CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for International Students)  : An international student is expected to take up a course registered under CRICOS, if he/she wishes to study in Australia. CRICOS indicates that the course and institution that you choose, meet a high standard of the Australian Education System. Government of Australia is very concerned and it spends more than 2 million AUD$ on International Scholarships.

Certificate / Diploma Programs:

TAFE : It is abbreviation for “ Technical And Further Education “. These institutions offer Certificate and Diploma Programs and are usually funded by Government.

RTO : (“Registered Training Organizations“ in Australia ) Such Vocational Colleges in Australia are for cultivating adult learning experiences that provide Certificate (Level - I through V) and Diploma Programs. These schools mostly provide courses that are work-oriented and help an individual to find a source of income immediately upon completion of the course.

Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs :

Australian University system comprises of 38 Public Universities and 3 Private Universities. The Higher Education providers in Australia are: (a) Self-Accrediting Institutions/Universities (b) Non Self-Accrediting Institutions/Universities. The syllabus of each university is designed by the University themselves, and not by any government body.

Duration : (a) Undergraduate courses last from 3 years to 4 years, depending on if it’s a General or Professional Degree

(b) Postgraduate programs are categorized into Postgraduate by Research that lasts for 1–2 years (full-time study) And Postgraduate Extended Program that lasts for 3–4 years (full-time study).

AQF Levels : Students studying in Australia can easily transfer credits and shift between study levels and institutions as per the guidelines mentioned by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). AQF is a National Policy followed in the Australian Education and Training wherein the standards comprise different levels, starting from Level 1( Certificate Level ) to Level 10 (Doctoral Courses)

Cost of Study in Australia

An Undergraduate Degree could cost AUD 15,000–30,000 and Postgraduate and PhD degrees could cost AUD 20,000–40,000.

Cost of Living / Accommodation in Australia

The average Living Cost in Australia has been estimated to be AUD 18,000 per year. Accommodation costs could be $450 per week and Transport & Food could cost $150 to $280 per week.


SSVFAustralia's "Simplified Student VISA Framework" (SSVF) came into effect on July 1st 2016. As per SSVF:

  • International student will apply for a Single Student VISA (subclass 500), regardless of chosen course of study
  • Student Guardians will apply for the new Student Guardian VISA (subclass 590)
  • All students and student guardians will generally be required to lodge their visa application online by creating an account in ImmiAccount
  • A new Student Document Checklist Tool on the DIBP website will allow students to check their financial and English language evidentiary requirements before applying for their visa. It will list all countries and all providers by their trading name and CRICOS code.
  • The SSVF is designed to make the process of applying for a Student VISA simpler and paperless